Turbo XS Exhaust (04+ RX-8)

Turbo XS Catback Exhaust (04+ RX-8)
TurboXS RX8 Catback Exhaust is a high performance, full 3" diameter, all 304 Stainless Steel system providing dramatically increased exhaust flow and horsepower for your rotary powered Mazda.  This system was custom designed for the unique characteristics of the RX8's rotary engine with tuned chambers and vehicle specific muffler materials.  Unique full 3" design comes with the hardware to bolt to both the stock catalytic converter pipe or to the Turbo XS  3" Racepipe (RX8-RP) or 3" High Flow Catalytic Converter Pipe (RX8-CP).  Exhaust gases exit through dual 4.0 inch blued tips to "unleash the beast" within on your RX-8.

ATTENTION:  2nd Generation RX8 owners (MY 2009-2011) will need to purchase and install longer exhaust hangers in order to install this exhaust on the car.  
Note: International customers please contact prior to purchasing.
$75.00 Flat Rate Domestic US 48 State Ground Shipping (No APO Shipping)
Price: $1,096.52
Sale Price $840.00
Turbo XS High Flow Catpipe (04+ RX-8)
The TurboXS RX8 High Flow Cat is a great alternative to running a completely catless exhaust. It uses a 200 cell metal matrix cat for high exhaust flow and to compliment the exhaust tone with add a resonator to help lower the exhaust noise and keep the db levels down while maintaining high exhaust gas velocity. Perfect when combined with the RX8-CBE. This is a high flow cat so you still may get a CEL.

NOTE:  This part can ONLY be used with the TurboXS Catback Exhaust.  It can NOT be used with your stock catback exhaust.  

NOTE:  Rotary engines are notoriously hard on Catalytic Converters.  Because of this, TurboXS can not offer a warranty on the catalytic converter.
Note: International customers please contact prior to purchasing.
Price: $466.75
Sale Price $350.00
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