20B Conversion Pg #4 Modifications & Upgrades

Now that our 20B conversion is complete, it is time to perform some upgrades and modifications to handle the additional power.

We upgraded to the Carbonetics Carbon LSD. The Tanabe Medalion exhaust was replaced with the less restrictive APEXi PS REVO system. We also installed Hawk HPS Brake Pads and the Tweakit Idler Pulley Kit.

Carbonetics Carbon LSD
APEXi PS REVO Installed
Hawk Brake Pads
Tweakit Pulley Kit

Click to hear the sound of our 20B engine and APEXi exhaust

We opted to install KONI Sport Series shocks and replaced all the boots and sleeves at the same time.

KONI Shocks
Shock Boots, etc.
Front Shock Installed
Rear Shock Installed

We upgraded to the Driveshaft Shop aluminum driveshaft and Chromoly axles.

Aluminum Driveshaft
Driveshaft Installed
Chromoly Axles Kit
New Half-shafts After Rebuild

Engine Bay Photographs

Passenger Side View 05/26/10
Front View 05/26/10
Driver Side View 05/26/10

Currently dyno tuned to 621 RWHP at 17 psi.

June 2010
September 2010

Latest photograph of our Efini October 2010.

"POWER !!!"

February 2012 we installed our newly developed Transmission Crossmember Kit

Crossmember Kit
Crossmember Installed

January 2014 we freshened up the engine and also installed the Xcessive LIM Kit and 6 x 1000cc ID Injectors

Manifold Installed #1
Manifold Installed #2
Injectors & Rail Installed

Fall 2014 we installed a 929 Brake Master Cylinder & 2 kw High Torque Starter

929 Brake MC
Master Cylinder Installed
2kw High Torque Starter
Starter Installed

Summer / Fall 2015 we performed some fuel upgrades including relocating the Fuel Pressure Regulator and installing 3 x 1000cc Primary Injectors. We then did some dyno tuning. Additionally, while on the dyno we discovered the limit of the EXEDY Twin Disc clutch kit and replaced it with the Triple Disc Clutch Kit and ACT Monoloc Wedge Collar. We also switched to a 1.16 AR Housing on the GT42 RS Turbo

1000cc Injectors
7/03/15 Dyno Video
EXEDY Triple Disc & Monoloc
EXEDY Triple Disc Installed
TiAL 1.16 AR Housing

Currently dyno tuned to 647 RWHP at 18 psi.

June 2016

Summer 2016 we installed the Vibrant Recessed Filter Top Oil Catch Can

Oil Catch Can
Passenger Side View 08/18/16
Front View 08/18/16
Driver Side View 08/18/16

Fall 2017: We fabricated a custom 4" downpipe (with DEI Titanium Exhat Wrap), modified the Midpipe and dyno tuned our Efini to 683 RWHP @ 20.6 psi

Custom DP Installed
October 2017

Early 2018: We installed a new DEI Turbo Blanket turbo blanket, Levy Rotor Aluminum Gas Pedal, E-Brake Handle Button and HalGuard Compact Fire Extinguisher

Turbo Blanket
AL Pedal
Pedal Installed
E-Brake Button
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher Mounted

Current Engine Bay Photographs January 2018

P-Side View 01/25/18
Front View 01/25/18
D-Side View 01/25/18

January 2019: We upgraded to a much larger intercooler


Click to view the most recent video of one of our dyno runs

Click to view a video of the exhaust during one of our dyno runs

Click to view a video of the Engine Bay during one of our dyno runs



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