20B Conversion Electronics


We opted to install the MicroTech LT-16 Engine Management System & X6 Ignition Module using a Custom Banzai Racing 20B Adapter Harness. We also installed the Innovate SSI-4 Channel Sensor & Dakota Digital SGI-8 Tachometer Interfaces.

X6 Ignition Module
Custom Adapter Harness

We installed a GReddy Profec Type S Boost Controller and the HKS Twin Power.

Boost Controller
Boost Controller Installed
Ignition Amplifier
Ignition Amplifier Installed

We installed stock FD Trailing Coils and Harnesses, Magnecor Plug Wires and NGK Spark Plugs.

Plug Wires
4 x Coils
2 x Coils
Wires & Harnesses Installed

We upgraded to DEFI Red Racer Gauges; Boost, EGT, Oil Temperature & Pressure, Water Temperature and Fuel Pressure. We also installed an Innovate Wideband.

Boost Gauge
EGT Gauge
Temp Gauge
Pressure Gauge

Gauges & Wideband Installed

Dash & Centre Console
All Gauges

Our 20B Converted Efini roared to life today, August 26th, 2009 on the first key turn!!!!

Click to see a movie of the start up

Click to see a movie of the maiden voyage

Click to hear the sound of our 20B engine and exhaust

Engine Bay Photographs August 2009

Passenger Side View 08/31/09
Front View 08/31/09
Driver Side View 08/31/09

In September 2010 we installed the AEM Water / Methanol Injection System. Now it's time to turn up the boost.

AEM Water / Meth System



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