Banzai Diff Brace (93+ RX-7)

Banzai Racing Differential Brace (93+ RX-7)

Anyone who has cracked their PPF (power plant frame) during a hard launch knows the importance of having a differential brace. We have designed this cage-style brace as an alternative to the cantilever type. We have taken into consideration that owners are running aftermarket catbacks, this brace will accommodate up to a 5" exhaust. Installation will dramatically reduce wheel hop for both street and track applications without any noticeable increase in vibration.

Our Differential Brace is fabricated from 1/4" laser cut steel and 3/8" diameter bar. It is then E-Coated to prevent corrosion, weighs less than 4 lbs. and comes with complete installation instructions. Now only available in Black.

 Installation Instructions 

Price: $190.00
Sale Price $175.00

All Banzai Racing products are Made in the USA

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