FC Motor Mount Inspection

If you are experiencing engine movement or rocking one or both of your motor mounts may be broken or deteriorated and in need of immediate replacement. Failure to replace may result in added strain on the driveline components and may cause damage. You can determine the condition of your motor mounts by performing the following inspection:

Warning: DO NOT place any part of your body under the car when it is only supported by a jack.

In order to perform this inspection you will need the following: Jack, Jack Stands & Pry Bar

1. Jack vehicle and support securely on jack stands

2. Place jack under the transmission and carefully raise the engine sufficiently to take the weight off the mounts.

3. Visually inspect the mounts for cracks in rubber or separation between rubber and metal plates. Also check for hardening of the rubber.

4. Use a pry bar (or large screwdriver) to verify that there is no movement between the mount plates and the engine or frame. If movement occurs, lower the engine and tighten the mount fasteners securely.

5. If your mounts are broken or deteriorated you should replace them immediately. We recommend that you use our Banzai Racing Polyurethane Motor Mounts.

6. Click Here for motor mount replacement instructions.

Banzai Racing Inc. is not responsible for any injury or adverse effects due to this or any inspection