HKS Coilovers (04+ RX-8)

HKS Hipermax IV (04+ RX-8) 80230-AZ001

HKS HiperMAX IV GT - Although this is a product designed for comfort and stylish appearance it is able to hold its own with regards to road performance. We recommend this product to people who would use this vehicle daily and want as much comfort as possible for themselves and their passengers and those who want to reduce arch gap or lower their car.

HKS has developed the MAX IV according to thorough data analysis of many cars in the market and tested them all. They didn't only increase the rate of damping but also analyzed balance and stroke, which made this product more safe and fun to drive. HKS also redesigned the inner parts and developed new parts for MAX IV. MAX IV has new design of needle which gives more stable damping and steering characteristic at a low to mid speed range. HKS also revised dial adjustment by oil path and this new design makes even under 10 step dial, it will not be too stiff. 

Damping Force (Rear): 608m/sec (Rebound) & 167m/sec (Compression)
Spring Length (Front): 200mm
Rear Upper Mount: Stock
Spring Length (Rear): Special
Spring Rate (Front): 88N/mm (9kgf/mm)
Spring Rate (Rear): 49N/mm (5kgf/mm)
Lowering (Front): -23mm (From 0 to -85mm)
Lowering (Rear): -37mm (From -6 to -61mm)
Front Upper Mount: Rubber
Damping Force (Front): 1334m/sec (Rebound) & 304m/sec (Compression)

Price: $2,225.00 Quantity
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