TEIN Springs (04+ RX-8)

TEIN S-Tech Springs (04+ RX-8) SKM58-AUB00

TEIN S.Tech Springs are an excellent step towards suspension tuning. They offer approximately a 1.5 inch drop for a more aggressive appearance and increased road holding capability. Designed to be used with OEM or OEM replacement shocks. Each application is road tested in North America for the proper balance between performance and comfort. Comes with a 1 year limited warranty, spring length is guaranteed not to sag more than 5mm, and be clear of any manufacturer defects.

Spring Rate (R): 145lbs/in (2.6kgf/mm)
Ride Height (R): -0.7in (-18mm)
Spring Rate (F): 207lbs/in (3.7kgf/mm)
Ride Height (F): -1.4in (-36mm)
Price: $295.00
Sale Price $235.00
TEIN H-Tech Springs (04+ RX-8) SKM58-BUB00

TEIN High.Tech springs utilize the latest spring and material technology to optimize comfort, performance, and quality. Designed and tested in North America to be used in conjunction with OEM or similar shocks for excellent ride comfort and slightly increased handling. The line is produced with Vanadium (SAE9254V), which is durable, lightweight, and has properties to retain more spring stroke. High.Tech springs are designed for those seeking a slightly lowered stance while maintaining high ride quality at a reasonable price. Includes a one year limited warranty.

Spring Rate (R): 129lbs/in (2.3kgf/mm)
Ride Height (R): -0.3in (-8mm)
Spring Rate (F): 179lbs/in (3.2kgf/mm)
Ride Height (F): -1in (-26mm)
Price: $305.00
Sale Price $240.00
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