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Banzai Racing is ideally located in Pierceton, Indiana. Our 11,000+ sq. ft. facility is comprised of three buildings, one of which is our dedicated dyno tuning building.

This centralized location in the heart of the Midwest, is convenient for our Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Michigan customers.

We are a  full service rotary engine, Mazda RX-7 & RX-8 modifications shop. We have been serving the rotary community since 2000.

Our spacious facility ensures that all of our customers' cars are secured inside at all times.

Chris Sanders (Owner and Rotary Specialist) has over twenty years of experience working on rotary engines and personally works on every vehicle.

Check out our Customers' Galleries for examples of some of our projects.

We offer a variety of services including Engine Rebuilds, 20B Conversions, Single Turbo Upgrades, Wideband Tuning, Repairs & Modifications, etc.

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We perform in-house dyno tuning with our MD-250 Mustang Dynamometer, in our dedicated 3000 sq. ft. dyno building.

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The MD-250 uses its powerful eddy current power absorber, a frictionless, air-cooled braking device, to enable it to apply variable and steady state loading. 

The MD-250 is capable of reading 1500 RWHP and speeds up to 175 mph.

Our large facility is comprised of several dedicated work areas.

Our machine shop allows us the ability to custom fabricate and manufacture our Banzai Racing exclusive products on site.

Chris does all porting in house.

Sections of our facility are specifically set up for welding and fabrication. Additional areas are designated for engine cleaning, painting and assembly.

We also have dedicated assembly & shipping stations for our products.

Banzai Racing uses all biodegradable cleaning and degreasing solutions. We use an industrial environmentally safe ultrasonic parts cleaner and degreasing units.

Banzai Racing is environmentally conscious and recycles all waste cardboard, plastic and paper. Additionally we recycle waste oil & all scrap metals.

If you are looking for better performance from your car, please contact us. We can work within your budget to develop your personal Staged Modification Plan. Thus, protecting your investment and getting the most out of your modifications.

Check out our project cars; '93 Mazda RX-7 20B Conversion and '91 13B-RE Convertible.



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