TPS Tester

TPS Tester

Tester allows for easy adjustments of the Throttle Position Sensor on '84 - '91 RX-7s

The Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) is part of the Fuel and Emission Control System. It has two major functions:

  1. To notify the ECU of the position of the throttle body. This allows the ECU to make adjustments to the air/fuel mix at different throttle positions.
  2. To cut the fuel off when you snap the throttle shut from being wide-open; this prevents backfiring.

Most common signs of a TPS that needs adjustment is a rough idle or a hesitation problem during acceleration. Bad backfiring could also be caused by the TPS, but this can also be due to installation of an aftermarket free-flowing exhaust.

TPS Adjustment Instuctions

Price: $35.00 Quantity

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