Radiator Caps

HKS D1 Limited Edition Radiator Cap

HKS Limited Edition Radiator Cap. Rated at 108 kPa or 1.1 kg/cm^2.

Fits FC, FD & RX-8

Price: $30.00 Quantity
Radium Type A Radiator Cap

Radium high performance radiator caps are engineered to improve cooling efficiency.

Available in 3 pressure ratings: 1.1Bar (16.0psi), 1.3Bar (18.9psi), and 1.5Bar (21.8psi). A higher radiator coolant pressure effectively raises the boiling temperature of the coolant, providing extra safety margin and preventing air pocket cavitation at the water pump

Fits FC, FD & RX-8

Price: $30.00
Gates Radiator Cap

Replacement Coolant Reservoir Cap by Gates®. 16 PSI Pressure Raiting

Fits FC, FD & RX-8

Price: $15.00 Quantity
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