PLX Widebands

PLX SM-AFR, DM-6 Wideband AFR Gauge Combo

PLX DM-6 + SM-AFR Wideband Gauge Combo - Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Oxygen Sensor Controller (UEGO) with 2 1/16" touch screen gauge. Combo includes, multi-touch gauge, aluminum controller box, Bosch LSU4.9 sensor, sensor harness, and wire/connector kit

The PLX Wideband AFR (UEGO) gauge combo combines an accurate, fast response wideband AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) controller with the world's most advanced touch screen 2 1/16" gauge (52mm). It includes a Bosch LSU4.9 wideband oxygen sensor. The wideband controller (SM-AFR) works with gasoline, bio diesel, ethanol, methanol, E85, LPG, and CNG. It includes two analog outputs (wideband 0-5V, and narrowband 0-1V) for interfacing with 3rd party devices and one digital serial output for interfacing with the DM-6 gauge and other Multi Gauges. The wideband analog output is ideal for interfacing with aftermarket ECU's and data loggers. The narrowband output is ideal for stock narrowband oxygen sensor replacement where the simulated narrowband analog output is fed back into your ECU to make it operate as if the stock narrowband oxygen sensor is still installed while running the PLX wideband setup. All three outputs can be used simultaneously. Additional features include advanced soft start technology which prolongs the oxygen sensor's life and an aluminum enclosure for durability and reliability. 

Price: $249.00
Sale Price $225.00
O2 Sesnor Bung
O2 Sensor Bung and Plug Set

Standard Oxygen Sensor Weld Bung made of T304 Stainless Steel and Threaded Hex Bolt for Plugging O2 Sensor Bungs made of Zinc Plated Mild Steel. Both are M18 x 1.5 Thread. Perfect for adding a Wideband downstream in the exhaust.

Price: $15.00
Sale Price $10.00
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