Oil Cooler Parts (93+ RX-7)

For the people that have a custom setup or would just like to assemble their own oil cooler lines, the typical dual oil cooler setup can be made from the list of parts below. 

Dual Oil Cooler  Parts List
# Required
Part #
OCB-Kit Oil Cooler Mounting Bracket Kits
2   19 (or 25) Row Oil Cooler -10AN Fittings
MOCAL Oil Thermostat
2 16635 Metric Adapter -10 AN to 18mm 1.5
-10 AN 90 Degree Female Flare Swivel
-10 AN 120 Degree Hose End
-10 AN 90 Degree Hose End
-10 AN 45 Degree Hose End
-10 AN Straight Hose End
SS Braided Flex Hose

-10 AN Stainless Braided Hose


Banzai Racing Oil Cooler Bracket Kit (93+ RX-7)

For years we have been making custom Single and Dual Oil Cooler Kits for customers cars that are in the shop. After many requests from FD owners looking to put together their own oil cooler kits, we have developed adjustable brackets that work for most 19 Row and 25 Row Oil Coolers, the same bracket kit can be used on the Right or Left.

Our brackets support the top and bottom of the oil cooler, making for a very sturdy installation, this reduces oil cooler failures due to fatigue caused by "hanging" from the top tabs only. Every oil cooler manufacturer warns that the top tabs are not designed to support the weight of the cooler.

Each kit includes Stainless Steel Brackets and Hardware for installation of one oil cooler.

Installation instructions (Mishimoto 25 Row Oil Coolers shown)


Price: $85.00 Quantity
Mishimoto Oil Cooler

Mishimoto 19 Row Oil Cooler Dimensions: 12.95" Width x 1.97" Depth x 6.44" Tall

Mishimoto 25 Row Oil Cooler Dimensions: 12.95" Width x 1.97" Depth x 8.35" Tall 

 Available in Silver and Black

*The Mishimoto "M" is only painted on one side of the Silver Cooler

Mocal Oil Cooler
Mocal 19 Row, 235 Matrix Oil Cooler Overall Dimensions: 13" Wide x 2" Core Thickness x 5-3/4" Tall

Mocal 25 Row, 235 Matrix Oil Cooler Overall Dimensions: 13" Wide x 2" Core Thickness x 7-3/4" Tall

Setrab Oil Cooler
Setrab 19 Row Oil Cooler Dimensions: 13" Width x 2" Depth x 5-3/4" Tall

Setrab 25 Row Oil Cooler Dimensions: 13" Width x 2" Depth x 7-1/2"  Tall

Koyo Oil Coolers
Koyo 19 Row Oil Cooler 11.25" x 2" x 5.75" (AN-10 ORB provisions)

Koyo 25 Row Oil Cooler 11.25" x 2" x 7.5" (AN-10 ORB provisions)

Fittings not included.

Mocal Remote Oil Thermostat -10AN

Mocal Remote Oil Thermostat -10AN, 180 Degrees

Designed to prevent flow of engine oil through out the cooler until a desired temperature is reached. Prolonged use of an engine in conditions where the oil cannot reach its correct temperature will cause sludge formation and crankcase oil dilution.

1 required for Single or Dual Oil Cooler

Price: $175.00 Quantity
Vibrant -10AN Metric Straight Adapter

-10AN to Metric Straight Adapter,  Black Aluminum

Used on FC and RX-8 OEM Oil coolers.

Price: $13.50
Vibrant 10734

-10 AN Female -10 AN 90 Degree Female Coupler Fitting Black Aluminum

1 Required, Single or Dual Oil Cooler

Price: $29.99
Sale Price $22.50
Vibrant 21210

-10 AN 120 Degree Hose End, Black Aluminum

2 Required, Single or Dual Oil Cooler

Price: $37.99
Sale Price $27.99
Vibrant 21910

-10 AN 90 Degree Hose End, Black Aluminum

1 Required for Single (FD)
4 Required for Dual  (FD)
Price: $30.99
Sale Price $22.99
Vibrant 21410

-10 AN 45 Degree Hose End, Black Aluminum

2 Required for Single 
1 Required for Dual
Price: $30.99
Sale Price $22.99
Vibrant 21010

-10 AN Straight Hose End, Black Aluminum

1 Required Single or Dual Oil Cooler

Price: $16.59
Sale Price $12.29
Vibrant -10AN Stainless Braided Flex Hose

Stainless Braided Flex Hose with synthetic rubber inner liner.

  • E85 Friendly
  • T300 Stainless Steel Braided Cover
  • Suitable for use with Oil, Water, Fuel and Coolant
  • Capable of handling operating temperatures ranging from -40F (-40C) to 300F (150C)
  • Elevated operating pressure of 1000psi with a 5000psi burst

Dual Oil Coolers recommend purchasing 15ft.

Single Oil Cooler requires 6ft.

Banzai Racing Billet Oil Filter Pedestal

We designed the Banzai Racing Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Pedestal as a direct replacement for the OEM FD & Cosmo 13B-RE/20B pedestal. The Pedestal is designed to accommodate both FD & FC oil filters and is 4mm shorter than FD OEM pedestal to allow for taller filters. It has one 1/4" NPT & three 1/8" NPT ports for sending units or loop lines. Our pedestal uses the same 18mm x 1.5 thread to allow the factory banjo bolt to be installed. It can also be used on all FC 13B motors with the addition of an 18mm plug.

The oil filter pedestals are available in anodized Black, with limited editions available in Red, Blue, Purple, Gold & Aluminum.

The pedestal kit comes with:
1 x Billet Oil Filter Pedestal

2 x Stainless Studs
2 x Viton O-rings
2 x Serrated Nuts
3 x 1/8 NPT Plugs
1 x 1/4 NPT Plug
Price: $199.00
Sale Price $145.00
HKS Oil Cooler Thermostat (04+ RX-8)

In a rotary engine, a large portion of the engine cooling occurs in the oil cooler. The RX-8 oil coolers are quite large, but there is a thermostatic bypass in them which prevents them from operating until the oil up to temperature. It is important that they regulate the temperature, or else the oil can become excessively cold in winter weather.

Mazda calibrated them to a scaldingly high temperature (220F) for federal emission reasons. A more sensible opening temperature of 165 degrees will help extend the life of the engine.

Note: This thermostat also works with the 1993-1995 RX-7 oil cooler(s). Remember: There is one in each cooler!

* Lower oil temperatures

* Longer engine life

* Ideal for 2004-11 RX-8 (Also fits 1993-1995 RX-7)

Price: $100.00
Sale Price $89.00
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