Banzai Automatic ECU Adapter (93-95 RX-7)

Banzai Racing Automatic FD ECU Harness Adapter (93-95 RX-7)

Harness Adapter will fit all '93-'95 Automatic Mazda RX-7's

Up until now automatic FD owners have truly been limited when it comes to modifying their cars. This is why we sat down and figured out how to install an aftermarket engine management system that would keep the "HOLD" feature, as well as maintaining all the shifting functions.

We designed this adapter harness to allow installation of multiple EMS systems, while keeping the stock ECU operational to control the transmission computer. The stock ECU piggybacks on the EMS signals, with just enough inputs to keep it on "life support".

Most commonly, the adapter is used with the APEXi Power FC (Installation Instructions). However, it is designed to be used with any plug and play EMS system.

Price: $350.00
Sale Price $295.00

All Banzai Racing products are Made in the USA

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