Transmission Crossmember

Banzai Racing Transmission Crossmember (93+ RX-7)

We feel that if Mazda could have forseen the levels of performance that people would be achieving with the FD, that they would have included a Transmission Crossmember in their original design. 

We have developed the Banzai Racing Transmission Crossmember for both street and track use to support the PPF and transmission. Installation drastically reduces shifter movement, allowing for more precise and predictable shifting. It helps to prevent cracking of the PPF and prolongs motor mount life by reducing transmission tailshaft movement. Our Crossmember achieves this without the vibration associated with the solid mounted Trans brace.

The upper and lower Crossmember's sections are laser cut from 1/4" steel plate, the Tunnel Brace is then press brake formed and both are E-Coated black to prevent corrosion. The Tunnel Brace is a one piece design so there are no welds to crack or fail. We have also included mounting hole locations for the aluminum undertray.

We have utilized Energy Suspensions patented interlocking mount which very effectively controls torque and is made with Energy's special formula HYPER-FLEX™ performance 70S durometer polyurethane material to assure long-lasting performance.


  Transmission Crossmember Contents: 

  • Transmission Mount Bracket
  • Tunnel Brace
  • Energy Suspension Transmission Mount
  • Transmission Mount Preload Plate
  • 2 - 7/16" x 1.5" bolts
  • 2 - 7/16" x 1" bolts
  • 6 - 7/16" flat washers
  • 4 - 7/16" lock washers
  • 2 - 7/16" nuts

 Installation Instructions 


Price: $270.00
Sale Price $250.00

All Banzai Racing products are Made in the USA

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