FD3S Throttle Cable Brackets

Banzai Racing SS Throttle Cable Brackets (93+ RX-7)

We have developed our SS FD Throttle Cable Brackets for the 93+ LHD RX-7, these are a direct replacement for the OEM brackets, no modifications needed. Our bracket are a great upgrade for people that have rusted, bent or missing OEM brackets. 

Our Throttle Cable Brackets are fabricated from laser cut 304 Stainless Steel. They are available as a set or individually.


Price: $60.00
Sale Price $45.00
Throttle Cable Clip (93+ RX-7)

We have sourced a replacement throttle cable clip for the FD, the originals are well known for becoming brittle and breaking. These replacement clips allow for the cable to still easily be removed with out the need to unbolt the Throttle Cable Brackets. These clips work as replacements on cables that have rubber grommets, we have seen cables that have a clip that does not have a rubber grommet on the turbo side of the engine. These clips work with the OEM and Banzai SS Brackets. 


Price: $7.00
Sale Price $5.00

All Banzai Racing products are Made in the USA

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