Air Separation Tank (AST) (93+ RX-7)

Billet AL Filler Neck
Billet Aluminum Filler Neck

The Banzai Racing Billet Aluminum Filler Neck is designed to be a direct replacement for the 86-88 FC RX-7 plastic filler neck. This part is used to eliminate the AST (Air Separation Tank) on the 93+ RX7 that have the two piece thermostat housing. The kit comes with a new Viton O-ring and stainless hardware.

Uses OEM or aftermarket pressure cap.

Price: $100.00
Sale Price $75.00
Apexi GT Radiator Cap

The GT Radiator Cap is a high performance replacement cap designed to provide 1.3 Kg/cm3 of pressure. This allows for higher cooling system pressures which raise the boiling point of the coolant, creating greater cooling efficiency.

Fits FC, FD & RX-8

Price: $30.00 Quantity
Greddy S Type Radiator Cap

GReddy high-pressure radiator caps are OEM style caps that directly replace the factory cap. Not only does the metal GReddy badge on the cap dress up your engine compartment but the 1.3kg/cm2 (18.5psi) rating increases the performance of your radiator

Fits FC, FD & RX-8

Currently Out-of-Stock

Price: $30.00 Quantity
HKS D1 Limited Edition Radiator Cap

HKS Limited Edition Radiator Cap. Rated at 108 kPa or 1.1 kg/cm^2.

Fits FC, FD & RX-8

Price: $30.00 Quantity
Gates Radiator Cap

Replacement Coolant Reservoir Cap by Gates®. 16 PSI Pressure Raiting

Fits FC, FD & RX-8

Price: $15.00 Quantity
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