Driveshafts & Axles (86-91 RX-7)

Aluminum Driveshaft 87-91 RX-7 Turbo II

87-91 RX-7 Turbo II 3" Aluminum shaft. The 1-piece driveshaft that we offer for the RX-7 is lighter than the stock driveshaft, but is also considerbly more torsional. A steel shaft can torsionally twist 5-7 degrees, where an aluminum shaft can twist as much as 15-20 degrees. This means a smoother ride and better response. Comes completely assembled, balanced and ready to install.

Price: $495.00 Quantity
DriveShaft Shop Chromoly Axles 87-91 RX-7 Turbo II

87-91 Madza RX-7 Turbo II 800HP axle bar upgrade

Description: This is the Level 5 axle center bar upgrade for the 2nd gen RX-7 Turbo II. The inner and outer c.v. on these cars are made from a jis spec. close to our 4130 chromoly (very good) so what we have is a set of center bars for the system to fix the only part that breaks (up to about 800hp). The factory bars are very brittle and cant handle the serious shock factors the rotary motor can deliver . The center bars are made from 300M material with our special heat-treat and double temper, rolled splines for extra strength, de-stressed and ready to install. This set comes with a complete 1 year warranty, and includes boots, clamps and grease.

Installation Instructions

Special Order, Expect 10-12 Weeks for Delivery

Price: $577.49
Sale Price $519.00
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