Driveshafts & Axles (86-91 RX-7)

Aluminum Driveshaft 87-91 RX-7 Turbo II

87-91 RX-7 Turbo II 3" Aluminum shaft. The 1-piece driveshaft that we offer for the RX-7 is lighter than the stock driveshaft, but is also considerbly more torsional. A steel shaft can torsionally twist 5-7 degrees, where an aluminum shaft can twist as much as 15-20 degrees. This means a smoother ride and better response. Comes completely assembled, balanced and ready to install. Uses Spicer Heavy Duty replaceable U-Joints.

1 year warranty on complete driveshaft, Lifetime warranty on welds and tubing.

Stock is 13lb 13oz, Aluminum is 11lb 1oz.

Price: $625.00
Sale Price $545.00
DriveShaft Shop Pro-Level Axle / Hub Kit 87-91 RX-7 TII
87-92 FC Turbo II Pro-Level Axle/Hub kit. The Pro-Level axles use new larger diameter aerospace grade axle bars, larger 33 spline outer CV’s with wheel hubs and bearings to accomodate the larger splines and ARP extended studs. This kit also features 108mm Porsche-style inner CV joints with bolt-on inner differential stubs. ABS rings are not included, but the outer CV’s are machined to accept the factory ABS rings. The axles are complete and ready to install and do not reuse any of the factory CV’s.

*Please Note- These axles will only fit the non-viscous type LSD (with equal length differential stubs)


Price: $2,674.10
Sale Price $2,599.00
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