High Torque 2KW Starter (87-91 Turbo II RX-7)

High Torque 2.0KW Starter (86-91 RX-7)

The High Torque 2.0KW starter greatly increases the cranking RPM for much faster starting. Perfect for heavily modified engines (20B, 3mm seal, Bridgeport, etc) that are slow to fire up during cranking due to the additional mass or sealing characteristics of aftermarket apex seals. Additionally, engines with low compression or hot start/flooding issues benefit from this starters much faster RPM.

The original FC Manual Transmission starter is rated at 1.2KW (1.61HP), the 2.0KW (2.68HP) is a 40% increase in starter cranking power. Depending on battery CCA and health the cranking speed will increase by as much as 100RPM.

Every starter is tested prior to leaving our facility.

No Core Required.

Price: $275.00
Sale Price $240.00
Starter (86-91 RX-7)

100% New starter is rated at 1.2KW (1.61HP),

Starters are built from all new parts. Every starter is tested prior to leaving our facility.

No Core Required

Price: $140.00
SCR Bypass Version 2
Starter Cut Relay Bybass

We have come up with this simple product to easily bypass the Starter Cut Relay for both the FD and FC. This relay is commonly associated with starting issues. Just unplug the relay and install our bypass.

Price: $10.00
Starter Relay V3
Banzai Racing 50 Amp Starter Relay Kit

Starter Relay Kit for all Mazda RX-7's

The "click, click, start" issue is a very common problem with the RX7, as the electrical components age the problem gets worse. Our easy to install Starter Relay Kit mounts next to the starter to insure that the solenoid gets full voltage when you turn the key. We have developed this kit utilizing a completely waterproof 50 amp relay with a built in resistor for voltage spikes, all terminals have heat shrink insulation for durability and protection.

Works with all starters.

Installation Instructions

Price: $75.00
Sale Price $50.00

All Banzai Racing products are Made in the USA

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