Starter Relay Kit Installation Instructions

Starter Relay Kit



We have developed Starter Relay Kit for all Mazda RX-7's. The "click, click, start" issue is a very common problem with the RX7, as the electrical components age the problem gets worse. Our easy to install Starter Relay Kit mounts next to the starter to ensure that the solenoid gets full voltage when you turn the key. We have developed this kit utilizing a completely waterproof 50 amp relay with a built-in resistor for voltage spikes, all terminals have heat shrink insulation for durability and protection. Works with all starters.

Please read and follow instructions carefully to ensure correct installation  


#1 Relay Mounted
#2 Connect Terminals
#3 Installed


  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. Recommended mounting location for Relay and wire with Small Ring Terminal on frame rail next to starter (Picture #1)
  3. Connect Blue wire with large ring terminal to the battery cable side of solenoid (Picture #2)
  4. Disconnect Black ignition trigger wire. Connect to White wire with spade terminal (Picture #2)
  5. Connect Yellow wire to solenoid spade terminal (Picture #2)
  6. Recommend using Electric Tape on the White wire to ignition wire connection (circled in Picture #3)
  7. Ensure that all wires are secured
  8. Reconnect battery

Revised 02/12/18

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