Banzai Racing Services

Banzai Racing offers full service, repair and modifications for all rotary engines and vehicles. We understand that some of our customers have limitations and will work with you to develop a Staged Modification Plan within your budget. Thus giving you the luxury of maintaining reliability of your vehicle throughout the modification process, while avoiding unnecessary costly repairs.

We perform a variety of services and upgrades, including but not limited to:

 Rotary Engine Rebuilds & Installations 

 Aftermarket Engine Management System Tuning 

Clutch & Exhaust Installations

 Turbo Upgrades & Installations

Silicon Vacuum Line Replacements

Standalone ECU Installation

TII Conversions

FMIC Installations

Electronics & Gauge Installations

 Water/Alcohol Injection

Dual Oil Cooler System Installations

Contact us for quotes on any of the above or to enquire about other services