RX-8 13B-REW Engine Crossmember Installation Instructions



Please read and follow instructions carefully to ensure correct installation


Tools Required

Installation Pic #1
Installation Pic #2
Installation Pic #3
Installation Pic #4
Installation Pic #5
Installation Pic #6
Installation Pic #7
Spacer Pic #8
Engine Installed Pic #9

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RX-8 13B-REW Crossmember Kit Contents:


Procedure :

Crossmember must be installed in vehicle prior to engine installation. Pictures #6 & #7 are for motor mount hardware reference ONLY.

Option #1 pre-assemble the crossmember prior to installation, procedure below. Option #2 individually install crossmember components on vehicle.

  1. Remove motor mount hardware. Loosely bolt (allowing for adjustment) center section to Left & Right side brackets ensuring correct orientation as pictured (#1 & #2).
  2. Using 19mm socket and supplied M12 x 40mm bolts and flat washers, install crossmember as pictured (#3). Install 2 x OEM long bolts (#4).
  3. Snug hardware without torquing allowing for adjustment when installing engine (#5)
  4. Install engine (#6 & #7). Pictures are for motor mount hardware orientation reference ONLY.
  5. Install motor mount hardware. Do Not over-torque (#7) Note; if not installing an oil pan brace install 1/4" thick spacers as pictured as required (#8).
  6. Align crossmember and torque all bolts to Mazda FSM specifications. NOTE: The center section mounting tabs are not symmetrical (#9).

NOTE: We have designed the crossmember for installation of the engine with our Banzai Racing Oil Pan Brace. Depending on your application you may need to install or remove supplied 1/4" thick spacers for engine height adjustment.

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