Power FC PS/2 Extension Cable Installation

Installation of the PS/2 Cable allows for the Laptop/Datalogit to be connected to the APEXi Power FC, without having to remove any interior panels. Once installed, is it a quick connect that your tuner will love! This 6' extension will also allow you to view the Commander in the engine bay.

PS/2 Cable
Male Connector End
Cable Installed


Tools Required:

Parts Required:


Pin to Remove
Cable Ends
Pin Location
  1. Removed pin identified in above pictures from Male end of extension cable with needle nose pliers.
  2. Remove interior panels/carpet to allow access to Power FC
  3. Connect Male end of cable to Power FC
  4. Attach Female end to FC Commander or Datalogit.
  5. Check connection
  6. Replace interior panels/carpet.

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