FD3s Fuel Pulsation Damper Elimination

It is common for the Fuel Pulsation Damper (FPD) on the 3rd Generation RX7 to fail after approximately 60k miles, but has been known to fail sooner. You can replace it for $130 new, OR you can bypass it following these 'How To' instructions at a cost of around $2.

This is an excellent time to upgrade to silicone vacuum hose.

Failure of the FPD causes high-pressure fuel to leak from the fuel rails under the Upper Intake Manifold (UIM). If undetected, this has been the cause of many engine fires and failures. The reduced fuel pressure causes the front rotor to run lean and detonate. We ourselves experienced this failure while at the track with our Efini. The blown Apex Seals caused considerable damage to the front rotor, rotor housing and additionally to our upgraded turbo. We now have a really cool (and expensive) clock! Click here for pictures of damaged components.

Banzai Racing is not responsible for any adverse effects due to this or any modification.

If you are planning to perform this modification you will need to have sufficient mechanical working knowledge of your car. This 'How To' is based upon the fact that you have previous experience removing the Fuel Rails.

If you do not feel that you can perform a vacuum line job, you should not attempt this modification.

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NOTE: If you are running SS lines, you can install a 45 degree 6AN fitting (i.e. Summit Racing Part #SUM-220655). This allows clearance of the rear oil injector.

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For those of you concerned about the adverse effects of eliminating the FPD, please read the following information provided by Aeromotive Technical Staff:

"The Aeromotive bypass fuel pressure regulator works to dampen pulsation and create a smooth, stable pressure. That is how it regulates. Given a correct installation, with recommended flow path through the fuel rail and to the regulator, and mounting the regulator close to the fuel rail outlet, there will be no need for any additional “damper”."

Banzai Racing is not responsible for any adverse effects due to this or any modification

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