FD Oil Cooler Brackets Installation Instructions

Brackets Kit

 Please read and follow instructions carefully to ensure correct installation

Kit Contents

Tools Required

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Passenger Side
Driver Side
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Procedure: Note instructions show installation of 25 Row Mishimoto oil Coolers. Flip brackets B & D for 19 Row oil cooler.

  1. With bumper cover removed, using needle nose pliers remove turn signal harness from bracket (Pic #1).
  2. With 12mm socket remove bracket (Pics #2 & #3).
  3. With 12mm socket remove lower bolt from air bag sensor (Pic #4).
  4. Using supplied M8 bolts and flat washers mount brackets A & B to oil cooler with (Pics #5, #6 & #7). If air bag sensor is installed, use 2 of the M8 flat washers as spacers.
  5. Using 13mm socket, snugly install bolts but do not over tighten (Pics #8 & #9).
  6. Mount brackets C & D to oil cooler with 12mm long M6 bolts and locknuts (Pic #10).
  7. Loosely install bracket on front hole of cooler; Top with 20mm M6 bolt, spacers and locknut (Pics #11, #12 & #13). Use 5 spacers if installing Mishimoto Oil Cooler, adjust for other brands. 12mm x M6 bolt and locknut on bottom.
  8. Using bit drill out mounting holes for bracket (Pics #14 & #15).
  9. Using flat washer on bottom side install bolt and locknut.
  10. Remove bumper support with 12mm socket and now tighten all hardware including 13mm bolts holding on brackets A & B (Pic #16).
  11. Re-install bumper support (Pic #19).
  12. Re-install bumper. Depending on style of bumper, it may be necessary to trim the corner of the outside bracket (Pic #20)
  13. Re-install turn signal lights.

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19-Row Configuration
Installed on 99-Spec Bumper

Please note that these brackets have not been tested on all brands of oil collers in all configurations, so some modifications may be required for installation

If you have any questions or concerns regarding installation of this product please contact us via email: tech@banzai-racing.com

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