Rotary Engine Compression Test


Use a regular compression gauge with the Schrader Valve removed to perform this procedure.
  1. Warm up engine to operating temperature, then turn off ignition.
  2. Disable ignition and fuel system by performing the following:
  3. Ensure E-Brake is engaged.
  4. Remove trailing or leading plugs (but not both) from either front or rear rotor housing. We prefer the trailing (Top) as they are easier to get to.
  5. Connect compression gauge to spark plug hole.
  6. Have second person in car depress clutch and accelerator pedal fully, while cranking for several seconds.
  7. Watch for readings on three successive bounces (you are looking for 3 even bounces).
  8. Reinstall spark plug and remove plug from second rotor housing.
  9. Repeat steps 6 & 7 for second rotor housing.

Note: if you do not remove the Schrader (relief) valve, you can also hold the valve down during the test and watch the needle bounce for each rotor face. However, you will not see actual compression readings. Once you have confirmed three even bounces, you can repeat the test without depressing the relief valve to ascertain the compression reading.


Banzai Racing Inc. & Associates are not responsible for any adverse effects arising from application of this procedure.

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