1991 S5 Convertible TII Conversion

In the Fall of '04 Banzai Racing purchased this stock 1991 RX-7 Convertible in Virginia. A white Series 5 with black leather interior. After completing the TII conversion we decided to install a 13B-RE Engine. We have documented the entire conversion process with photographs over the next few pages...

Phase I: TII Conversion

Photographs of the TII Engine, Transmission and Driveshaft acquired for the conversion.

The TII Engine was degreased, Streetported , Painted & Rebuilt. The Transmission was degreased and Front & Rear Main Seals were replaced. The engine bay was Detailed.

The TII Engine & Transmission were installed using our Polyurethane Motor Mounts and Polyurethane Transmission Mounts

The TII Differential, Banzai Racing TID and halfshafts were installed

TII Vs NA Differential

Pics of parts installed

TII Diff Installed
Engine Bay Jan '05
Banzai Racing TID

In January '05 we decided to alter the direction of our project as we came across this 13B-RE Cosmo Engine

13B-RE Cosmo Engine

In the next phase of the project we install the 13B-RE Cosmo Engine. Please continue onto Pg. 2 for pics of this rebuild & installation.



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