Instructions for Installing Banzai Racing FD Polyurethane Motor Mounts



Please read carefully before attempting to install product

These instructions are for installing mounts on engine when removed from vehicle.


  1. Remove nuts, lock washesr & flat washers from motor mounts. Note that the bolt is threaded through the end washer. Hardware will be re-installed in this configuration.
  2. Install polyurethane motor mount onto steel bracket. Note that the bolt is threaded through bracket and top end washer.
  3. Attach mounts to bottom of engine (pic #2).
  4. Lower engine slowly, aligning motor mounts with crossmember mounting holes.
  5. Install lock washer and thread nut onto end of bolt and tighten securely with wrench (pic #3).
    Torque Specs: 34 - 49 ft-lbf {46-67 N-m, 4.6-6.9 kgf-m}
  6. Ensure that polyurethane is fully compressed, by tightening the bolt. Adjustment: Polyurethane mounts will cause slightly more vibration than stock but significantly less than solid mounts. Stiffness can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of compression on the polyurethane. This is achieved by loosening the nut and tightening the bolt to increase stiffness, or loosening bolt to reduce stiffness. Then re-tighten the nut to above specs.

Recommended setting for initial installation is to ensure that polyurethane is fully compressed, as the polyurethane will 'loosen up' during break-in period (approximately 1000 miles). Then adjust if needed.

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Assembled on Brackets
#1 Installed Bottom View
#2 Installed Top View
#3 Tighten Nuts

If you have any questions or concerns regarding installation of these mounts please contact us

List of parts in FD Motor Mount kit:
 3" Grade-8 3/8' Bolt (x2)
 3/8" Grade-8 Lock Washer (x4)
 3/8" Grade-8 Flat Washer (x4)
 3/8" Grade-8 Nut (x2)
 Polyurethane Motor Mount (x2)

Banzai Racing Inc. is not liable for any damage or injury due to incorrect installation of product