Instructions for Installing Banzai Racing FB Polyurethane Motor Mounts


Please read carefully before attempting to install product

  1. First, disconnect the negative battery cable from the car battery.
  2. Unbolt 14mm nut connecting engine bracket to existing motor mount (mount-to-engine) identified below on both left and right sides. Haynes Manual picture (3.44) on page 29
  3. Then, raise car and support securely on jack stands. Failure to do so can result in injury or death. DO NOT place any part of your body under the car when only supported by a jack.
  4. Unbolt 14mm nuts on bottom portion of existing motor mounts that protrude through the frame (mount-to-frame).
  5. Raise the engine slowly, ensuring that you lift from the transmission, until the engine separates from the mounts and you are able to remove existing mounts and base cups.
  6. Remove hardware from Banzai Racing motor mount. Note that bolt is threaded through the top end washer.
  7. Place new motor mount on top of sub-frame in location of old mount, as shown in illustration below.
  8. Insert bolt through sub-frame and thread into motor mount, ensuring that a lock washer and a flat washer are between bolt-head and sub-frame.
  9. Lower engine slowly until engine bracket rests on new motor mounts.
  10. Place flat washer, lock washer and thread nut onto end of bolt and tighten with wrench.
  11. Stiffness can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of compression on the polyurethane. This is achieved by loosening the top nut and tightening the bolt to increase stiffness (or loosening to reduce stiffness). Then re-tighten the nut.

Recommended setting for initial installation is to ensure that polyurethane is fully compressed, as the polyurethane will 'loosen up' during break-in period. Then adjust if needed.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding installation of these mounts please contact us

List of parts in FB Motor Mount kit:
 2 1/2" Grade-8 3/8' Bolt (x4)
 3/8" Grade-8 Lock Washer (x4)
 3/8" Grade-8 Flat Washer (x4)
 3/8" Grade-8 Nut (x2)
 Polyurethane Motor Mount (x2)

Banzai Racing is not liable for any damage or injury due to incorrect installation of product