Banzai Racing Customer Testimonials

I Just wanted to convey my appreciation for your professionalism and experience. This is the day I thought I would never see.

Needless to say, the drive back to Iowa was exhilarating. The car quit smoking almost immediately and seemed to actually get stronger the further I went. The car has NEVER ran like this.

A pleasant surprise was the 24.3 miles per gallon, that is almost 3mpg better than I've ever achieved.

Chris, you are a master of your craft and Elaine, you were a pleasure to work with. Also, Thank you for the nice clean car to drive home in. Sandy noticed that first.

Thank you again. I am now enjoying this car like I always thought I would.

Jeff Brown : '87 TII


"If I were to sum up my experience with you in one word it would be INCREDIBLE!

As you know, I drove from New Mexico, a distance of 1400 miles, based largely on the confidence I gained with Chris after talking with him about the problems I was having with my RX-7. I realized that Chris's knowledge of RX-7s was simply unmatched. After seeing the results of his work, I see that his skill is equally impressive.

I appreciated all of the time Elaine spent with me explaining each step of the process. The photos posted on the web proved that pictures are worth a thousand words.

I especially valued your diligence at keeping costs as low as possible and at the same time maintaining the highest standards of excellence. I would and will recommend your service to anyone.

I am one very happy Banzai Racing customer.

Bob Kyser : '90 Vert 


My GT35R single turbo conversion

Banzai racing does an AWESOME job on anything they get there hands on!!!!

Elaine is there always to answer the phone and get questions answered, not to mention they did a great job dealing with me!!!! lol

BANZAI racing A+++++

Charlie : '93 VR : charlies7

Yea I am VERY pleased with their work and customer service so far! they are by far the BEST shop I have ever dealt with.

Ii would also recomend Banzai Racing. you will not find better customer service or nicer people than Chris and Elaine! Chris is VERY helpful in answering any questions that you may have and everyone else Ii have talked to about Banzai has nothing but good to say about them too!

Ok, Igot the car back this morning and i have been driving it ever since. the turbo spools stupid fast, prob as fast as stock twins, and the power feels AMAZING!!! Ihad no idea I would gain that much! Thanks to the Chris Sanders street tune the car runs Flawlessly! It actually runs better and smoother than with the twins, and my gas mileage is suprisingly better than with the twins too while running 850/1600 injectors! I really cant say enough about how pleased I am with the Quality of work performed by Banzai Racing! I would very highly recommend them to anyone!!!

Adam : '93 SSM : bigcox_03


Im with these guys ^ banzai rocks. great tuning ,great service, great chilli? lol.

Josh :  '91 TII  : Stealth


Very Positive Banzai Racing

Well I’ve been finishing up my single turbo install and I probably now have about 4 or so hour’s worth of phone time with Chris regarding questions etc about everything and general RX-7 talk. I was having some significant spark issues that decided to show up this winter, which he helped me diagnose and get me the parts I needed to fix the issue (leading coil not putting out any spark as a result of harness connecting to it). Well after getting that sorted out and getting the car to idle somewhat decent I was still getting piss poor vaccum. So it appeared to be a fuel issue now not spark. So frustrated after messing with it for the last two days I decided to call Chris…… 8pm on his cell phone. After playing phone tag as a result of poor reception and telemarketers calling me on the home line at the same time. We got down to doing some trouble shooting and went through everything that could have been the cause over the phone and found a few things I did incorrect with the main culprit involving the map sensor. Based off the numbers my commander was giving me with the car on and off Chris was able to tell me my map sensor was either Fed or its vacuum source was incorrect. It ended up being the vacuum source, and once fixed the car idled like it should.

I just figured it was worth mentioning that although I’m a customer I consider both Chris and Elaine good friends and it’s just nice to have that willingness to help available even after being at the shop all day. Its instances like tonight that are why Chris has been working on/building/tuning my car for the past 3 or so years.

Ryan : '93 VR :rotaryfdTT


Banzai Racing

I would like to thank Chris getting my car straightened out. I had a major boost problem (5 lbs no more or less )and a breaking up problem also. After Buying new couplers and nothing happened. He took apart ever thing to make sure that nothing was wrong. He found the problem which I would have never looked at it. No restrictor in the tube that controls boost. Then my breaking up problem was a crappy chargeing system. Glad he found that because I had already done everything I could think of. Now my car is running in tip top shape.

Craig : '94 CW : VortechPony


Banzai Racing is the best in the area hands down. Chris has my car running perfect after 4 months of hell and a year of less than full boost. It took him a few hours. He's also friendly and extremely helpful, he'll answer any questions and he's cool as hell just to talk to.

Nerah : '94 BB : YayeR


My Engine Rebuild

Just to give a quick back ground. Ibought my fd almost 4 years ago, 100% stock running great. last year after a very bad chain of events with a mazda dealer. this past springI had to tow my non-running, leaking every thing fd to Banzai Racing (3hr. 45min.). I was told by two fd owners, they were the best around. Chris and Elaine were great to work with and they give great advise. by early summer and few mods I was pulling 338rwhp, but the best part is what happend last week and is why Iam writing this today. two weeks ago i was down for some tunning and i thought the car was running great, better than ever. after tuning chris was not happy about my idle, he made some adjustments and told me to keep an eye on it and to come back asap so he could look in to it a little more. i returnd the next week with spark plug wire Chris suggested by email Ishould up grade, that might fix the idle that I thought was fine. after 20min. of testing he told me he was going to pull and rebuild my engine. I almost s**t myself, I told him he was crazy and to check again. He told me it had to be done and it was all under warranty. I got the car back and it is better than ever. The point to all of this is, after all the problems I had with mazda and all the problems I hear poeple having with other shops even just getting parts. It really nice to know someone still will do the right thing, take pride in their work and be truthful. Chris and Elaine are the best! you couldnt pay me to go any were else.

Joe : '94 SSM : joe1573


Engine Rebuild

Hey nicad2 if you do go back to wanting a shop rebuild for you i would highly recomend talking to Chris Sanders at Banzai Racing. He rebuilt my motor about a year ago and cost, quality, return time and customer service were the best i have seen in any business. Igot a web page.... actually multiple web pages of pics that showed the progress of my motor since i live 2 hours away. it felt like i was there everyday watching him work on my motor. he had it done before i could get the money which didnt take that long. he was quicker then i was lol. I had to replace an iron and before i knew what was going on Chris already had a replacement for me and gave me an awesome price for it.

I had my motor streetported, and acouple of other things done. its an auto 89 vert. kinda a slow rx7, but just last night I smoked an Audi TT on the highway. he had no chance to catch up. and the motor has taken some beating. and its running better then the day i got the car back.

I will trust Chris on anything for my rx7 for the rest of my life. I'm planning on moving to Florida soon and i will drive or ship my car up to Indiana for any of the work I need done.

Brian : '89 'Vert : Beamer242

I would also include Banzai Racing, I have ~10K on my motor and I've beat on it everytime I drive the car running 15psi without any issues. I've been taking my FD there for 2-3 years now, and Chris and Elaine are like family. They will take care of you.

Ryan : '93 VR : rotaryfdTT

I am also a big fan of Banzai Racing. Chris Sanders builds great engines that last. My FD takes more abuse than most, and keeps coming back for more. If I was you ship your engine up to Chris and get a soilid rebuild without all the hassle.

Tim : '94 VR :Finnicky7


Banzai Racing------ A+++

A few days ago I hit a curb pretty violently. I bent up 2 rims, and jammed my rear right wheel almost into my exhust. I took it to 2 local mechanics.... both said there was significant bending in the sub frame. 900$ for a new crossmember, used 125$, plus install (other little stuff too). So i call up Chris from Banzai Racing. He is God when it comes to anything Rx7. And just over the phone he said i probably just bent my Lateral support link. So i jacked it up, and saw that it was bent almost to my exhust. Of course he had a Lateral link there at his shop. 40$ shipped to my door. End of story. Saved my tons of money. Thats why he's the one and only guy I will ever go to with my car(s). Thanks Chris.

Micah : '90 GXL


Chris and Banzai Racing very good

I just got my engine rebuilt, gauges installed, and hoses replaced by Chris at Banzai Racing in Indianna. My experience with him was excellent and he helped me every way possible being that I'm currently in Korea and my car was stranded at my wifes college not working. He's always prompt to reply to a question and his work is done in a very timely manor and for a good price. I can't first hand vouch for the quality seeing how I'm still in korea, but my wife says the car is running well and if she's not complaining about I'm happy and that means he did a good job. I just wanted to put this out and give him a good word. I can't even describe how much of a help he's been.

Eric : '93 MB


Banzai Racing hands down! Best customer service you will find!! and the work is awesome! I cant say enough good things about them.

Cory : (13BT)


I recently purchased Banzai’s motor mount kit for the FB. Customer service was some of the best that I have ever received. In addition to this part was received in 3 days. I have been extremely impressed with their quality and customer service and if they continue this they will have a customer for life.

Thanks to all the Staff at Banzai.

David : REW FB Banzai Racing Polyurethane Motor Mounts


Hey guys, I just wanted to take a moment this morning to thank you both for your hospitality and hard work. I didn’t realize how my car really ran until Chris got out and I was all alone on the open road, with the crisp breeze and the changing leaves. Chris really brought the car to life, he made it more responsive, easier to drive and faster, I couldn’t have asked for better service. The price was more than fair and I’ll not only recommend you to anyone I can, but I’ll be back time and time again. I’ve found in life, the older I get, the more important it becomes that I feel comfortable with whomever I do business with, and sometimes that means driving a little further or paying a little more, Just so at the end of the day I have a smile on my face…You are well worth the drive, and the price is unbeatable…Thanks Again

Dustin : '93 VR


Wow the engine got there friday at 1 that was fast. I can't wait to until it's ready to run :) Thank you guys so much for everything. You guys are a great shop and offer awesome service I'll recommend you to anyone I can. I have a feeling that selling this car now, with a motor that was built by such a reputable shop as yours plus the fact that it looks amazing, is going to be pretty easy :)
Thanks a million,

Oliver : 13B-REW


Banzai Racing

I've been on this board awhile and bought alot of parts from people and vendors, so it takes alot to impress me, but wow Banzai Racing. What can I say their good people. I've been waiting to post my feedback as I've finally broken in my rebuild. Their turn-around time is second to none and also Chris has great patience and great advice about the many questions I had about my new eng. and future mods. etc.
I thought the engine shipping would be a pain but I was wrong.They have it nailed down and Elaine takes care of all the little things(like tracking etc.) so you don't have to. I've also got other parts from them and they always ship fast and are as described. So if there is a doubt in your mind about engine rebuilds or whatever, TRUST Banzai, they are pros.

Ernie : 13BT : SupSai


Banzai Racing's Diff Brace

Holy #@*&t!! Bolted right up unlike some other peoples braces...not going to say any names but Banzai's is by far the best. It stiffened the entire rear end up so much the car drove like it was brand new from the dealer. It has such a tight feeling to it everyone who has a FD really needs to go and get this Diff Brace. Perfect example.....believe it or not i Cracked my PPF. When i first got my FD and looked at it i said no way am i cracking that! Ha, I cracked it and didnt even know. I guess i must of launched it and literally craked it in half but only felt the clunking and heard it when i really stepped on the throttle. I knew i broke something so i said &*%@ it. Purchased the diff brace a few days later and it arrived a few days later. Installed it that day. Now i knew i broke something but didnt know what. I do all my work on my back in my yard. didnt really notice anything weird. Installed the brace. Took all of 20 minutes to jack the car up, remove Mazda's crappy little support holder and installed Banzai's Brace. Went for a spin.....7k each noise and stiffer than board. I was in love. It drove so beautifully. It actually drove better because there was no movement what so ever back there and was really amazed. For the price you really cant beat it and a monkey can install the brace!! Easy as pie!! im telling you guys get them while you can. Id sell them for more if it was product that works, really works. A+++

And remember when i told you guys i didnt know that my PPF broke? Well when it was on the lift at T And R Tony was the one who spotted it. He was looking at the Diff brace and said he really liked it and when looking a bit more HE was the one that showed me it cracked where it holds up the Diff. So all that time it was broken but the Diff Brace held it up to the point where you couldnt even tell. Im telling you guys well worth the money spent. Worth every penny.

Lesly : Goukid Banzai Racing Differential Brace


Just writing to say that I got the car and I drove it for the first time, seen it for the first time and I can not tell you how happy I am. Thank you so much for everything. The car is absolutly great. You guys are wonderful. Thank you

Just writing to let you know how happy and grateful I am with the car. I have about 450 miles on it now and the car feels great. It feels a lot stronger than what it did before already and I haven't even boosted it yet. Everything looks great the people that have seen the engine bay are amazed of how clean it looks. I love the car and I'm hoping I can have the 2500 mile by next year so I can get it tune and see what it really has. Thanks again.

Ivan Diaz : '93 VR


BANZAI RACING lightning fast service, highly recommended

I have bought a few parts from these guys and its always a smooth quick transaction.. oh and the quality and fitment of the products is excellent.
if your wondering what ive purchased ,here is the list..

block off plate kits
oil pan brace kits
FD rear diff brace kit
Polyurethane engine mounts

Robert : 680RWHP12A


Just letting you know I got the Koyo today. I buy a lot of overseas goods and this is the second time I’ve bought from you and you amaze me how quick your service is. Thank you for the up to date details on every stage of the process and just overall unmatched service.

Take care and you’ll hear from me again for sure

Michael: Brisbane, Australia


Thank you. I very much appreciate your willingness to help me out on this issue. It is nice to have this kind of customer service which truly does go above the expectations and requirements of a business. Definitely the kind of thing that earns referrals and repeat business.

Aaron E: '89 TII


i must say ... wow , thanks for the mouse pad banzai racing ! i was really surprised from this . I've bought alot of performance parts on the web and no one give me a gift !

I know its nothing really expenssive but it's really nice from all of you and you'r shipping was really quick

well all this to say A1 to all of you and i got my rx performance garage in my town now , so i will probably order even more parts from you

thanks again!

Maxime L: Wankel Factory, QC Canada


I appreciate, fast transaction !!! never see anything like that

Thank you

Frederic M: QC Canada


Thank you for being so helpful.
Great service!

Dan F: 20B


Just a short note to say the oil pan brace you shipped yesterday has just arrived at my door.

THANK YOU ever so much for your promptness in getting the part out to me on such short notice! (You rock, eh!)

Kindest regards,

Wayne H: Edmonton, Alberta. Canada