Instructions for Installing Banzai Racing FC Polyurethane Transmission Mounts

Please read carefully before attempting to install product

  1. First, disconnect the negative battery cable from the car battery.
  2. Refer to Haynes Manual; Chapter 7 Part A Manual Transmission section 5
  3. Support the transmission with a jack.
  4. Unbolt the crossmember.
  5. Remove the nuts attaching the mounts to the crossmember and the bolts attaching the mounts to the transmission (refer to illustration 5.3 pg. 177 in Haynes Manual).
  6. Remove the mount from the crossmember.
  7. The existing transmission mounts (insulators) can then be replaced with the Banzai Racing Polyurethane Transmission Mounts (refer to illustration 5.4 pg. 178 in Haynes Manual).
  8. Thread bolt through the bracket using a flat washer from the top as shown below (Installed Top View #1)
  9. Place Transmission Mount between bracket and crossmember
  10. Secure from the bottom of the crossmember using lock washer and nut provided as shown below (Installed Bottom View #2). Tighten securely.
  11. Be sure to use all Grade 8 hardware as supplied with the kit (see list of parts below).
  12. Installation of crossmember is the reverse of removal. Be sure to tighten all nuts/bolts securely.
  13. Stiffness can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of compression on the polyurethane. This is achieved by tightening the nut to increase stiffness (or loosening to reduce stiffness). Polyurethane will 'loosen up' during break-in period.
Installed Top View #1
Installed Bottom View #2

If you have any questions or concerns regarding installation of these mounts please contact us

List of parts in FC Transmission Mount kit:
2" Grade-8 5/16' Bolt (x2)
 5/16" Grade-8 Lock Washer (x2)
 5/16" Grade-8 Flat Washer (x2)
5/16" Grade-8 Nut (x2)
Polyurethane Transmission Mount/Insulator (x2)

Banzai Racing Inc. is not liable for any damage or injury due to incorrect installation of any product