20B Oil Pan Brace Installation Instructions


20B Oil Pan Brace Kit
Oil Pan Brace Installed


Tools & Materials Required


Pic #1 Remove Torque Spreader Strip
Pic #2 Grind Spots Welds
Pic #3 Clean Stud Holes
Pic #4 Insert Studs
Pic #5 NO Studs
Pic #6 Baffle
Pic #7 Test Fit Brace on Oil Pan
Pic #8 Apply Right Stuff
Pic #9 Lower Pan on Engine
Pic #10 Pan Installed
Pic #11 Install Remaining Studs
Pic #12 Install Brace
Pic #13 Install Nuts
Pic #14 Torque Nuts
Pic #15 Pan & Brace Installed


  1. Clean the oil pan and engine contact surfaces thoroughly.
  2. Pry Torque Spreader Strip from the oil pan using flat head screw driver. It comes off very easily, as it is only tack welded at one end. (pic #1).
  3. Using a Dremel or die grinder, remove the tack welds used to affix Torque Spreader Strip. To prevent rust we recommend painting the oil pan and exposed metal (pic #2).
  4. Clean out oil pan bolt holes completely, ensuring that there is no RTV, dirt, etc. at base of holes. Failure to do so may result in cracking of plates. We recommend using a M6 x 1.0 Tap , but you may use a pick if necessary (pic #3).
  5. Ensure that the contact surfaces of all parts are clean.
  6. Using 3mm Allen wrench, thread studs into oil pan mounting holes (pic #4). DO NOT install the studs in the 6 holes on the rear corner at the Oil Pressure Regulator to allow for the baffle clearance (pic # 5 & pic #6).
      • If you experience difficulty inserting the studs, please ensure that the holes are thoroughly clean.
  7. Test fit the oil pan brace on oil pan (pic #7). Drain Plug must be removed. If the holes do not line up, then flip the brace over. Depending on how banged up your oil pan is, you may need to pry the lip out to allow for proper fitment.
  8. Apply a 4 - 6mm continuous bead of Permatex 'Ultra Black' to the bottom of the engine components along the inside of the studs (pic #8). Follow the manufacturer's directions for allowable time but most recommend installation within 1-5 minutes.
  9. Lower oil pan onto studs at an angle as pictured (pic #9). This allows the baffle to clear the rotor housing.
  10. Install remaining six studs prior to applying any pressure to the oil pan (pic #11).
  11. Install Oil Pan Brace (pic #12).
  12. Thread hex nuts onto oil pan studs (pic #13).
  13. Torque nuts gradually and evenly to 104 in-lbf. Do not over torque nuts as this may cause studs to break (pic #14).
  14. Allow a minimum of 24 hours for Permatex or RTV to cure.

Note: Depending on your application and subframe, you may need to install the 2 low profile socket head cap screws in the locations where the steering rack may be routed under the oil pan (pic #15). A 4mm Allen wrench will be needed to install these screws.

Permatex Ultra Black

Banzai Racing Inc. is not liable for any accidents or damage resulting from application of this procedure.